Why do you choose


The acquisition of a new customer is an expense and cost factor that is many times higher than the winning of loyalty and the increase in sales with an existing customer.

We thoroughly analyse the business environment of our customers, the product and the attitude towards it. We review the experiences of participants in other programs. It is worth paying attention to their comments and drawing conclusions. This allows us to recommend a variety of actions that are simply effective.

We act enlighteningly, objectively and above all discreetly.

Highest working standards

We act ethically and effectively. We are constantly developing our workshop with the latest communication and marketing tools.

Scalable methods

We offer the right mix of activities, tailored to every scale of operation and program size – from several dozen to thousands of participants.

Best Practices

Our IT systems have an annual availability of 99.99%. These high operational standards underline our image as a reliable partner.

Combination of advantages

We offer and develop dedicated IT tools that work together perfectly and complement each other. Such a team means even more benefits for your company.

Positive in perception and effective

The number of participants grows with each edition and customers extend their support contracts with us – this is the best proof of the effectiveness of our concepts and the quality of the tools used.

Multi-platform experience

Our system integrates experience from the fields of communication, marketing, analytics and information technology.

Don't give up your goals!

Change the way you reach them!

You can reduce your costs without losing turnover and profit,
if you use the potential of the existing contacts.
When you implement a loyalty program –
we’ll be able to help you with that.
We have proven tools, knowledge and commitment.
  • Be as generous in giving rewards as you want your customers were paying for your goods and services.
  • Create thresholds and intangible assets that are combined with business growth.
  • Create a starter kit – a gift for a good start and encouragement always works!
  • Check if you can find partners for the program – it will be easier and cheaper.
  • Add an element of gameplay – there are real gamers among us.
  • Strengthen your existing customer community.

Success is not selling more! Success is to inspire others to buy MORE.

—– Better&more.com —–

The value of a good idea is determined only by the number of people who wish it were their own!

—– Better&more.com —–